Where did I slip by, unknown. What should be done, Unknown. I led my life like a flying kite, Taken by the winds up high. Was a kite with no hold, Wasn't right with my own. You stepped in, thought I was right. I did pull you up, did show You the sky, we flew... Continue Reading →


I have met a person A little quiet, a little shy Who showed me, the beauty Of life, in and around my sight. Whose thoughts, brings me alive. Who taught me to smile. That person who I know, For a little while; who made me fly. I have tasted the essence of time. Seen the... Continue Reading →

Her letter.

Don’t do that, don’t do this! You represent the values of the family, don’t laugh loud, don’t go out after 6! Don’t come home late! DON’T! DON’T! DON’T! Clean your home, wash your cloths, learn to cook and wake up before the sun rises. Always have a bindhi always speak soft and learn to be... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Rap!

Music with rhythmic beats along with rhythmic and rhyming words combines to deliver a lyrical miracle stuff ultimately known as rap music. As you people read the word rap , DANG all would have thought Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kayne West and so on, trying to thought process who is the best one alive( if you... Continue Reading →

Those paw prints.

A tilt of head from what I said, Melted my heart like no one had. A stroll in the ground, A ride on the bike, All those tail waging and face licking. There is no other friend, That I have found so! All I know is that I love you! My friend, My partner. To... Continue Reading →


He wasn't selected to lead the team for the next project as he had few issues with the chief editor. He was red and steaming and kept picking up fights with her. She stood there like she was rooted as he kept yelling at her and  kept fighting with her tears so they don't roll... Continue Reading →


All do fall, I fell hard. All do crack, I had been shattered. I had seen the worst. Now at the bottom with the dirt. It was my leap; was blind And went for the bait, I got caught. Time did play his game right, Reminding the tale long told All that shine isn't gold.... Continue Reading →

Their Little Princess.

Her secondary education results of her final year were out and she had cleared it with flying colors what more joy could have been when it happened on her birthday. She went out to meet her boyfriend filled with joy and expectation as he called her. Smiling at everything that her eye met and imagining... Continue Reading →

The Fall

I fell down to the dirt Now broken in and out. Did the don't, now Seen the daunting unknown. Seems harsh and sour Well I very well made It so, have no regret Things were bright but This isn't that dark. Missed my way but I'm not lost, from now It is hard to reach... Continue Reading →

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