Your Smile.

Your smile that takes me away Into this heavenly place. Which takes me awhile to know Its just you and I here! Your like the needle that's buried in the haystack That arduous to understand Full of secrets, all to be unraveled! In this sphere full of lies, Even trust being a lie Will you... Continue Reading →



Staring at this moonless night, What am I seeking of? A light to show right? It is just a fantasy then! Staring at this moonless night, Why am I here now? To remind that wasn't the finale? It would be lunacy then! Staring at this moonless night, Who am I waiting for? A doll that... Continue Reading →

Influence or choice?

I recently had come across few blogs that spoke about celebs having bizarre photo shoots and  people taking great steps to look good or look more like the icons who they adore and follow. Do such celebs and their mad good looks influence their fans? Well I’m not sure about it! Let’s see what is... Continue Reading →


Where did I slip by, unknown. What should be done, Unknown. I led my life like a flying kite, Taken by the winds up high. Was a kite with no hold, Wasn't right with my own. You stepped in, thought I was right. I did pull you up, did show You the sky, we flew... Continue Reading →


I have met a person A little quiet, a little shy Who showed me, the beauty Of life, in and around my sight. Whose thoughts, brings me alive. Who taught me to smile. That person who I know, For a little while; who made me fly. I have tasted the essence of time. Seen the... Continue Reading →

Her letter.

Don’t do that, don’t do this! You represent the values of the family, don’t laugh loud, don’t go out after 6! Don’t come home late! DON’T! DON’T! DON’T! Clean your home, wash your cloths, learn to cook and wake up before the sun rises. Always have a bindhi always speak soft and learn to be... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Rap!

Music with rhythmic beats along with rhythmic and rhyming words combines to deliver a lyrical miracle stuff ultimately known as rap music. As you people read the word rap , DANG all would have thought Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kayne West and so on, trying to thought process who is the best one alive( if you... Continue Reading →

Those paw prints.

A tilt of head from what I said, Melted my heart like no one had. A stroll in the ground, A ride on the bike, All those tail waging and face licking. There is no other friend, That I have found so! All I know is that I love you! My friend, My partner. To... Continue Reading →


He wasn't selected to lead the team for the next project as he had few issues with the chief editor. He was red and steaming and kept picking up fights with her. She stood there like she was rooted as he kept yelling at her and  kept fighting with her tears so they don't roll... Continue Reading →

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