A Evening.

My heart fluttered on each step Thoughts racing to the horizon The excitement of the unknown The want of your warmth. Knock, the door opens and lash Your eyes fixed to mine And that smile which burst Reading my mind. The taste of your lips And your skin on mine I was drunk by your... Continue Reading →

Noble Figure.

His lustful eyes hooked Upon her bosom. Disgusted, she marched. His steps alarming her mind, And the darkness having His back. Pinned down To the filthy alley, his Filthy mind unraveled from The noble figure Ripped her covers and Bit her thighs. Her cry The melody he craves Her struggle which elevates His filthy mind.... Continue Reading →

Just I.

  When this time slips by When this present turns To past I just wished that I had done right. Once the dark clouds sets Once the path get covered by I wish I could Shine bright. When things fall out When the most I Dreamt slips by I wish that It was Just I.  ... Continue Reading →

You and I.

The image I see when I close my eyes. Where the sky meets the Horizon and its just you and I. Those moments we meet Those which I cherish Where the background fades And it is just you and I. It had been few glance And few smiles, now a Few talks and few nods.... Continue Reading →

Your Smile.

Your smile that takes me away Into this heavenly place. Which takes me awhile to know Its just you and I here! Your like the needle that's buried in the haystack That arduous to understand Full of secrets, all to be unraveled! In this sphere full of lies, Even trust being a lie Will you... Continue Reading →


Staring at this moonless night, What am I seeking of? A light to show right? It is just a fantasy then! Staring at this moonless night, Why am I here now? To remind that wasn't the finale? It would be lunacy then! Staring at this moonless night, Who am I waiting for? A doll that... Continue Reading →


Where did I slip by, unknown. What should be done, Unknown. I led my life like a flying kite, Taken by the winds up high. Was a kite with no hold, Wasn't right with my own. You stepped in, thought I was right. I did pull you up, did show You the sky, we flew... Continue Reading →


I have met a person A little quiet, a little shy Who showed me, the beauty Of life, in and around my sight. Whose thoughts, brings me alive. Who taught me to smile. That person who I know, For a little while; who made me fly. I have tasted the essence of time. Seen the... Continue Reading →

Those paw prints.

A tilt of head from what I said, Melted my heart like no one had. A stroll in the ground, A ride on the bike, All those tail waging and face licking. There is no other friend, That I have found so! All I know is that I love you! My friend, My partner. To... Continue Reading →

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