Social Service.

She was asked to strip down and please him, with ease she slid of her dress and stood bare. His lust full eyes popped looking at her beauty. He could no longer watch her, pounced onto her like an animal. Bit her neck her navel her thighs, feasted over each inch of her skin. He... Continue Reading →



He wasn't selected to lead the team for the next project as he had few issues with the chief editor. He was red and steaming and kept picking up fights with her. She stood there like she was rooted as he kept yelling at her and  kept fighting with her tears so they don't roll... Continue Reading →

Their Little Princess.

Her secondary education results of her final year were out and she had cleared it with flying colors what more joy could have been when it happened on her birthday. She went out to meet her boyfriend filled with joy and expectation as he called her. Smiling at everything that her eye met and imagining... Continue Reading →

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