The Impulsive Owl

If you are out in look for themes that connect human emotions, daily life excitements, the reflection of the society and to encounter those topics that are least talked about, then you sure have arrived at the right place.

As the name says “The Impulsive Owl” you can expect contrasting blend of a clam but hasty and passionate blog writing.

What is The Impulsive Owl?

The impulsive owl is the corner where you will have a good dosage of simple poems that would speak for many lives who couldn’t express at the right time. So the next poem would might just be your tale!

Having your corner to refuel your heart is important, with few quotes and the right motivation you are all set to climb the Mt Everest. So there we are your personal cheer team who would always keep you prompt.

What about your 7th grade scrap book which you treasured? That galling professor at the university? and how can we forget parenting and parenthood which you don’t understand? Don’t they need some space to speak and ask the world how they see them? The Impulsive Owl gets all those topics that one always wondered about and hoped that someone spoke about it and show the love, dislike and hardship.

A travelogue, a journal or maybe the exact what our authors see! What more fun is to see a life right like the way it is? ( if you don’t find it fun, try reading someone’s journal without their knowledge then you would know the fun and excitement!) Through their personal corner you would go through mostly parts of BANGALORE and the people here, their encounters and things happening around the city.

Why The Impulsive Owl?

In the busy run of your day the right pause you need! To relax and have a productive break, what more happiness is to have cup of tea with the right piece of words to go with?

Now the question is to you, Isn’t it time to let the Owl greet your days from now?


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