Just I.


When this time slips by
When this present turns
To past
I just wished that
I had done right.
Once the dark clouds sets
Once the path get covered by
I wish I could
Shine bright.
When things fall out
When the most I
Dreamt slips by
I wish that It was
Just I.


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6 thoughts on “Just I.

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  1. True bud, it’s funny how we prioritize certain things and later it’s of no value we just gotta accept it and move forward after all we gave the space for them who can we blame it on?
    And thank you so much 😇


  2. Sometimes doing the right thing leaves you rattled because some people don’t deserve that much kindness but at the end of the day we strive to do it anyway, something you so beautifully pointed out! Such meaningful words.

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