Reasons to date a biologist.

Do check reasons to date a mathematician by my friend Orange. I had said her that I would be doing this long back and she recently returned to WP so a welcome back gift.

Biologist are the best observers!

Anything that pass their sight is observed well, you don’t have to push him to get his attention.

They also are particular and precise about their observations.

Always confident on what they have looked upon. Next time you are out for shopping and you forget the texture or pattern that you are on hunt of he would be right there to pick it up for you!

Funny and naughty.

They would have bizzare lines with biological reference which when given a thought cracks his wild intentions. A code language unless there no other biologist around(all ways remember)

Colour selections.

The only person who can recognize (other than you) the different shades of red in lip and nail color. He can even comment over which shade of red can go with the outfit.

A quick writer.

You dont have to worry about the assignments or typing work, he is born writer he can complete lengthy notes in few min. Next time you have project to do be confident to pick it up cause you got the best researcher at home.

The best listener and high level of patience and tolerance.

You go on and on talking to him about the world and things happening around he would never get tired nor miss a line you said and nor would complain about long shopping hours and trail sections.

Knows the human body well.

He can judge your present condition well, and are really caring about your health. He would be there to get the breakfast at your bed at your off days. Can give great massage and perform much more!

Artistic but not clingy. 

He would have very particular and warm ways for surprises. They would be the one who would prefer outdoors and travel than a movie date. You can always expect a dramatic proposal. They no the value of time and energy spent over each second so they would always provide you your space and appreciate all your works.

Best at abusing.

Next time you have a fight you could rely on him for the best piece of words to stitch all mouths, Need some sarcasm he would be the right person to go to!

The above article is my observations and experience! If you do have any experience please do share! And if you differ lets have a cup of tea together!😂

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  1. Oh, how could I forget to mention, Thank you so so much for the lovely welcome gift Akhil! I enjoyed the post thoroughly, like I already said in other words…
    I’m all smiles 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Apparently friends write their assignments 😂 but if you know the right bribe he might just write. Or if he considers you special or do have a crush, then that would b way he show his interest 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

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