Influence or choice?

I recently had come across few blogs that spoke about celebs having bizarre photo shoots and  people taking great steps to look good or look more like the icons who they adore and follow. Do such celebs and their mad good looks influence their fans? Well I’m not sure about it! Let’s see what is happening around.

Yeah I do hear this quite often from people around “damn she is so beautiful, I wish I look like her” “this is trending, haven’t you seen her post” and lot more! Guys too aren’t that back at such things, they do follow fashion and have their particular icons. But the contrasting part is there are set of people who are great fans of the same celebrity but aren’t affected by what they dress or look. They never try mimicking how their favorite celeb looks or use the particular brand they advertise.

So now the question is are the celebs forcing or setting a path to be followed to be as good as them?

The answer is NO! it is an individual’s personal decision to follow or mimic their favorite icon. A man who is wise enough will know what is best for him or her. Then why does it happen? I have my reason which I feel

  1. Insecure on how they look – I feel this the major reason why people try to copy their icons look (some does plastic surgery too I read) They aren’t confident on how they look and by following such crazy idea they feel more confident.
  2. Social acceptance ­would be another reason I feel. Usage of a particular product or a brand hooks eyes and they feel relaxed that what they project isn’t having and bad name.

So from these we can say this is purely a psychological thing. There is nothing to do with what a celebrity does, it just comes down to what you want to do.

I personally love good looking eyes, a little bit of black around the eyes is good enough and a good lip color do add the charm. Having a good hair cut is also healthy, but all these should be to build one’s personality and shouldn’t be to look like someone else. Things to remember are, you aren’t the same like your favorite celeb, there is nothing cool in following what they do, you are unique the way you are.

There is nothing wrong with in following your celeb only when it is in a healthy way, like getting in good shape, proper diet, work out these could be good things to follow. But like ton of makeup and mimicking their style and look is just insane. Try being original than a copy and about trend, wear what is comfortable and what the event or situation requires. Don’t be that person who jumps into the well because ten had jumped before him.


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  1. I have seen people comment otherwise; that it’s the under the influence of celebs and hot-shots that commoners take step to ‘look like her/him’. I totally disagreed. Now that you’ve voiced out my opinion, I’m going to completely support you in this. Nice article. 🙂

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  2. Yes,You are absolutely correct.We all have a unique style ,no need to copy any celeb just to gain attention from others or to show cool,fashion diva.I believe one should wear that outfit which suits one’s personality and make them feel confident.

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  3. Now that was the right thing to know, many consider celebs to be the perfect and believe what they see and are unaware what happens behind. But as I said though they know or they don’t it is their personal choice.


  4. Even worse when some do not realize most celebrities’ pictures on magazine covers/photoshoot are photoshopped to hide flaws and to give the ‘perfect’ everything. And then the misled ones try to attain what doesn’t exist in nature in the first place.

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  5. Very accurate and this should be shared among social media as well. It’s very pathetic that some people have lower self esteem . it’s Only because they compare themselves to celebrities. This is a good post indeed a good one

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