Where did I slip by, unknown.
What should be done, Unknown.
I led my life like a flying kite,
Taken by the winds up high.
Was a kite with no hold,
Wasn’t right with my own.
You stepped in, thought I was right.
I did pull you up, did show
You the sky, we flew miles.
But the winds pulled me by,
Wind which I thought was right.
Let  you by, down and alone
With the end of the string back.
You did pull, it did hurt
You did shed, I didn’t know.
I didn’t know until you cut the end.
Now I know it wasn’t the wind;
It was you who made me fly.
Now where have I fallen
Can’t you tie me back?
We will fly, but I will be rooted
Not that I fear, now I know
I know what’s my sky.


© Akhil Kumar 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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